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Dom here.

About me

I like to think of myself as a Master/Dominant/Owner type of guy, but I know I have issues that i need to work on. I accept my problems and every day I work hard to overcome them and make myself better in spite of them. I make promises to myself and people i hold dear and do my best to keep them. I have been hurt a lot in the past and because of that i know i need to work on relaxing and not being clingy, but when you have no contact with friend it gets hard to not be desperate to hold them close so they can heal your broken heart. But i make this promise to all my close friends here that I will work on being a better and stronger person, so I can become the Master/Dominant/Owner i am on the inside.



Lifestyle, Bondage, Cuckold, Vibrators, Stockings, Blindfold, Suffocation, Branding, Imprisonment/Cells, Masochism, Masks, Handcuff, Piercing, Rimming, Role play, Candles / Wax, Humiliation, Master / Slave, Dirty talk, Orgasm control
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Male, Female, Crossdresser / Transvestite

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Search one-night stands, Search permanent partner, Communication