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Switch couple.

About me

We are a couple who are fairly new on this page, really looking for an
Girl playing with. I therefore the girl in the relationship has not explored bdsm so much,
But my boyfriend has explored a bit. I found that I enjoyed BDSM for about 2 months ago
because my boyfriend said I should try it out so he got me to try new things to it turned out that I liked it very Much, (almost too well).

We are looking for a girl that we may have Threesome with, to which likes to share a guy with another girl, to who likes to do things with girls as well as of course.

I love to let my boyfriend decide over me, he tells me how he likes things to how he wants it. He also loves that I decide over him, it is well overslept what we have done most, that I have taken him. We like lots of different things to have with the most when it comes to threesome with a girl.

So do not hesitate to add us to or send messages girls! We need a girl to really want a girl to play with!



Group sex, Masks, Handcuff, Collar, leash, Role play, Spanking / Flagellatio, Master / Slave
Partner can be

Female, Crossdresser / Transvestite

Why am I here

Search one-night stands, Search permanent partner