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Hi everyone

About me

I'm a bi submissive male that is into being used and abused by women and men. I have a masochistic tendency with a passion for humiliation. When in the zone I can get very very kinky.
Looking to meet women and men so that I can explore and enjoy this part of who I am.
The other side of me can be very dominant and love doing what is done to me but this only applies to women and also tv/ts and trangender women.
I'm very into toilet play and have a fantastic partner that does this with me but I still need to go further and I'm looking for guys that enjoys forcing there rock hard cock up my arse and getting there cock really shitty before making me lick and suck them clean.



Masochism, Humiliation, Master / Slave
Partner can be

Male, Female, Couple(MF)

Why am I here

Search one-night stands, Search permanent partner, Communication