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I'm a fetish now.

About me

In my normal vanilla life I love roller coasters, being outside, reading and I love to do artsy stuff. I like to make costumes to wear to parties.

Update: some short answers to the questions I get asked a lot.
1. No I won't have sex with you in your car. (Unless it's a cop car. That's different.)
2. No I don't want to wrap my anal walls around your cock. (Yes that was the first sentence the guy sent me.) I like anal but come on... At least finger me first.
3. Just because I am on here does not make me easy. Chemistry is important to me.
4. I have a life outside of this. Depending on who you are, you may or may not get to see that part of my life.
5. Yes, I am a lot of fun. ;)
6. I like intelligent people that can carry on a conversation. If you send me a message that just says "hey" don't expect a response from me. Brains are sexy.
7. If you are married or in a monogamous relationship I will not fuck or blow you behind your partners back. Not judging... Just my rule.
8. 38 DDD
9. No I won't have a threesome with you and your girlfriend or boyfriend.
10. I have many more fetishes, but don't list them all on here. I can be a kinky bitch. Muahahaha!
11. I am not looking for a quick hook up. Been, there, done that, got the t-shirt.
12. I don't spit or swallow. I gargle..... Hahaha
13. I will not meet you privately. The best way to get to know me is to come to an event I will be attending.
14. No, I am not into gang bangs.
15. Do not call me Mommy. I really hate that.
16. I will not fuck you. Read this and maybe it will sink in.
17. See number 18 above. I only let the Viking cock frolic in my pumpkin patch.
18. I am not looking for a Dom.



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