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Fucking SLUT...

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Love sex, hardcore,it's all good, whatever's handy, anytime is a good time, and a good size cock that knows how to be used., aggressive, dominating in the bedroom. Getting tired of looking for the right person out there. I know what I like and am very disappointed When I realize they just outright suck for whatever reason, so here I am looking for just the right depth and level of whatever it is to satisfy me completely. I'm very laid back, open minded, and love to have a great time. I hope that I'll be able to find just the right thing here without having to explain exactly what I want, I feel like they should be able to just know if there good at what they do if put in a situation together. Maybe I'm asking way to much from someone , hope not... any who that's what I'm lookding for...Thanks for taking the time to read this.... Wait, hold up that wasn't very detailed, was but no details. Let me clarify..I want to be treated like a FUCKING SLUT a good little fucking SLUT. Now I'm I'm not as the days pass I'm finding Slut life to be truly for me. Now I am.



Group sex, Vibrators, lingerie, Blindfold, Suffocation, Masochism, Handcuff, Oral Sex (recieve), Chastity belt, Rimming, Role play, Candles / Wax, Public Sex, Spanking / Flagellatio, Strapon, Humiliation, Fisting, Master / Slave, Chain, Dirty talk, Trampling
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Male, Couple(MM), Group

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Virtual fantasies, Search one-night stands