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Hi, kinky )

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I like to play, but my submission is only earned through respect and time. You'd have to be at least my match, to get me to remotely entertain the thought of my submission. I'm smart and a necessary precursor to my submission is that you don't cower to my intellect or strength. I am an alpha sub, for whatever it's worth, and don't play well with beta men. If my proverbial balls are bigger than yours, we'll probably just be friends, which isn't such a bad thing either. And if you aren't a gentlemen please don't even think about it. Manners and chivalry are invaluable, and not only a precursor to my submission, but also for my friendship. If you were raised in an barn, please remain amongst the swine.

I'm not even close to being a switch, but I am definitely a bit bratty under the influence of a couple glasses of wine, or even water. And I have a thing for luscious butts, so the temptation to smack or bite one when it's naked and present, sometimes overwhelms me and I can't help it. ;) Apparently, it doesn't take much for me test the waters. You'll forgive me though, because if subs NEVER miss behaved, there would be no need for punishment. Now really, what fun would that be?!? Ok, truth be told, I'm a full-on brat, and quite primal (I do tend to bite and scratch if not restrained), BUT I have been tamed before, so I know it's possible. I really can't seem not to test the waters. A firm hand and a short leash have worked well in the past. ;)



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