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Hello, I created this profile to learn about what I am into, meet a like minded lady & relationship potential =

About me

I have a few different things that I am into, but mainly femdom (being a submissive), mmf 3-some, cuckolding, pegging, kinky underwear, and a few other things but that's about it. I DO have a strong dominant side but it gets boring living a type-A lifestyle all the time. I am a man who on a daily basis is not submissive so most chances I have to truly submit to a girl sexually is an absolute treasure if she is dominant. I don't live this fetish lifestyle 24/7 but every now and again i play out a few of my desires haha. I believe a man should be subservient to a woman in the bedroom and pain at some levels is healthy, and actually quite stimulating!


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Role play, Master / Slave
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Why am I here

Search one-night stands, Search permanent partner