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About me

I'm a lover of wisdom, a fighter, a writter,a sadist,a nurturer and a protector.I walk in the shadow and dancing in the light,wild or calm and my "univers" is a life of explossion moments,living nature,house of my demons.
All my life I was a traveller through the world of sensations,last decade verry active in this sphere of kink,flying to the highest winds of desires,feeling the most biggest waves,ridding them,with passion and intensity.
I'm the epitome of the "strong silent type" and "loud lovely freak",a cocktail with warm friendly presence and cold dominant attitude,"spontane flame and constant breeze".I am fascinated by the Human Nature,with all its imperfections,hypnotic sensation to discover the grotesque beauty of us and I learn,live and feel without boundaries.
If you think you know something about me, remember one thing: "I show to the world glimpse of her reflection,i'm a river mirroring her own image.



Lifestyle, Lashes, Role play, Master / Slave
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