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Sensory deprivation: hoods, blindfolds, and masks. Gags. Pet play and plug tails.

About me

I'm hoping to find new friends who are cool, smart, funny, open-minded cockeyed optimists who approach kink with unbridled enthusiasm. I love talking about different fetishes and learning what specifically appeals to you about your favorites. Your relationship status and level of experience don’t matter that much to me, as long as you’re open and honest about what you’re looking for and what you expect. I enjoy going to classes and events in the bay area and would love to connect with other people who are looking to check some out.

We would probably be a good match if you enjoy rope, breast play, medical play, or have masochistic leanings.

Playing with rope is a fun artistic outlet for me, and I love everything from restraint based bondage, to purely aesthetically pleasing harnesses, to different types of suspensions. Sitting around on the couch watching movies and playing with different ties and wraps, yes please.
The type of breast play I love consists of sucking and massaging for long periods of time. Cuddling with a woman and giving her that kind of attention is soothing and relaxing for me and I love every second of it.
Medical play appeals to a smaller group than most other kinks do, but I’m part of that group. And it does fit in nicely with most people’s attraction to power exchange as there’s a strong sub/dom dynamic to it, and the possibility of vulnerability and humiliation is there. I’ll try to write something more in depth to better explain why I’m into it.
And I do have a sadistic streak. It’s not something I need in every interaction or even in every relationship, but I do enjoy leaving marks and bruises, and pushing pain tolerances. Canes, whips, needles, fire wands, paddles, crops, wax, cutting.



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