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Hi ) Im Paola )

About me

I'm interested in learning new things and exploring interests. I love having friends I can learn & grow from/with. Life is meant to be an exploration. I love good people, good music, good times. I love to have fun and laugh. I'm a big reader also. Life is not so much about where you are but who you are with and what you do.

I tend to be a smartass and rebellious. I cuss too much. My favorite word is Fuck. I flip everyone off as a term of endearment. I like to find my own way and make my own path. You have experience and that's cool. I want my own. I don't want to follow and I don't want followers. I just want to figure it out my way in my own time. I'm solid with my moral compass intact.I'm all about respect.



Lifestyle, Bondage, Group sex, Doctor/Nurse, High heels, lingerie, Hair depilation, Making somebody cry, Stockings, Blindfold, Smells, Suffocation, Latex, Imprisonment/Cells, Masochism, Masks, Masturbation, Handcuff, Oral fixation, Oral Sex (recieve), Collar, leash, Lashes, Breasts / NipplesTorture, Role play, Spanking / Flagellatio, Tattoo, Humiliation, Fisting, Master / Slave, Chain, Orgasm control, Trampling
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Male, Female, Couple(MF), Group

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Virtual fantasies, Search one-night stands, Search permanent partner, Communication