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Germany, Malschwitz

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I am into control,lockdown and humiliation

About me

I just love serving cock. I have learned from superior Alpha men that cock is to be worshiped, is to be served by beta men. By inferior sissies like me. I was once a straight man. I was forced to sissification... always knew it deep down...couldn't satisfy my the next step would be getting dommed by both my wife and her bull.

I have learned to love all shapes,sizes and colors of cocks. Big black superior cocks are the most scary to me... they make me pee my panties like a girl! I really love the small cute ones like the ones ladyboys have...i could spend hours licking and sucking those! I am a small dicked sissy. Please don't be shy. You can humiliate me in the worse ways. It is what I deserve!



Cuckold, Role play, Master / Slave
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Search one-night stands, Communication

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