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Hi all

About me

I'm a very busy lass so not on here all the time, if I detect annoyance from a delayed reply from me, we're probably not going to get along... courtesy, respect and having your own life go a long way with me..

Sexual confidence, respect, trust, taking control, being controlled, teasing, being teased, dirty pics (sending/receiving) curvy sensual women, hard fucking, slow teasing fucking, anal, anal play, big cocks, sensual touch, sucking cock in a submissive position, holding my pony tail taut while fucking me. I wanting to explore more including B & D

Disrespect, indiscretion, dishonesty, arrogance, immaturity, small cocks.

I'm very unlikely to accept friend requests without having chatted a bit first.. call me old fashioned ;-)



Bondage, Doctor/Nurse, Anal manipulation, Making somebody cry, Blindfold, Clysterplay, Suffocation, Masochism, Masks, Oral Sex (recieve), Collar, leash, Lashes, Spy / Surveillance, Role play, Sadism, Spanking / Flagellatio, Photography, filming, Dirty talk, Trampling
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