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Hey there I am Miss Afina.

About me

. I live my life by 10 simple rules:
1..try everything at least a few times just to be sure hehe what you love and what makes you happy not somebody else
3.Be creative and imaginative in all you do
4.Geek out as much as you can whenever you can
5.The day you stop learning is the day you die sex sex sex sex and a hell of a lot more sex
7.treat others how you wish to be treated (unless in the bedroom)
8.always be your crazy self no matter what
9.never leave the house without a spare pair of underwear you never know if you will be coming home tonight or not ;)
10. have as much fun as you can and make every second count!!!!!
... ok maybe 11 or 12 rules but who's counting HaHa we can always add make up, shopping, sex toys, boys, girls, pigging out on pizza, strutting round your house naked when your alone because you can hahaha , PJ days ect the list goes on
but shhhh :P.
I want to explore my kinkster lifestyle more and try new stuff and learn more about everything really and i only picked the kinkster button because it sounded cute and there was no button for into a bit of everything haha well hopefully i will meet some people make some friends and who knows ..... stay sexy my little kinksters Mwah xoxo



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