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Petite and shapely, strong and light - both in body and in mind. I dance and practice yoga. I do care and love my body, because it is ME in the here and now circumstances.

About me

For now, in a perfect world of my imagination I have TWO beautIful playpartners, the dearests friends and lovers in the same time. One of them is submissive. Probably younger than me, sensitive and trusting. I am his lady, woman, which he may entrust the body and soul. Which takes full responsibility for him, that he could finally let go... The second one is dominant. Older than me, alpha male, but not macho. Powerful and imperious, observant and wise. He respects me and loves my rebellious nature. They both know my life partner and respect my relationship, my home... It would be the fulfillment of my desires. Or maybe there is something else, something totally different..? For now, I am waiting and watching, with my mind open. And I know that one day my filfillment will come true. Becouse Im worth it.



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