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For starters, i'm looking for WOMAN ONLY!!!

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I'm looking for someone that is caring and dependable. I would never try to make anyone choose between family or me. I'm also looking for someone that i can actually meet and spend time with, not just online chatting. i would like someone that is willing to drive the see me as i would be willing to do the same to see them. I'm reasonable, work and family will always come first of course. ill do my best to make you a priority and happy. I'm not unfair, i will always be there if you need someone the talk to and if im free ill be there in your time of need. just send me a text and i would semd one back when i'm free. If you think you might be interested send me a message and we can talk. I will most likely reply back so if you wanna talk feel free to write..!!! hope to hear from you.



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