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I've had plenty of guys mention wanting to teach me or play with me so I can find out what I like. Well that's not what I really want. I don't enjoy fucking some random person for a one night stand that I know absolutely nothing about. What I'm looking for (don't expect to find it here, but you never know) is a long term relationship. I want that one special person for me. If they're into what I'm into, awesome. If they're vanilla, that's fine. I just want to be happy. If you want to get to know me, feel free to message me and talk to me. I'm so much more than kink. And fuck my MIND, not just my body! ;)

I do have pics but way too nervous to show them here. Lol. I am pretty innocent to the world, so only some will see my bad side. Well I find dominant guys a turn on. I haven't done sex only relationships and not too sure about them. I like to be in a relationship and still have wild sex. Lol. I've been to shy to tell guys what I like. The only kinky thing I've done has basically been handcuffs or being held down, spanked, hair pulled, mouth covered or choked a little. It was definitely fun. Heh. I've never had an orgasm from a guy before. (UPDATE! I finally have had my first orgasm by a guy. Finally! Fuck. Lol. It was only through oral though.) (Second update! Finally had my first orgasm during sex. He didn't know, pretty sure. And he didn't know it was my first either. Too embarrassed to ever mention it. And I really need to rewrite all this. Lol.) Although I've been forced to squirt by only one guy. So I'm sorry if I'm a bit skeptical when you tell me how easy it'll be for you to make me cum. Lol. I've never used toys. I've had sex a lot but I still get really shy at first. Lol. So there's a bit about me.

Anyone I play with, I want to be tested first. I get tested to be safe and I'm in the clear. Sex isn't worth catching something. Gotta be responsible!



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