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Hi all

About me

I've been in the lifestyle for six years now. I was told I need to be more assertive and state exactly what I want in a D/s relationship

I've been lucky to have played with some amazing people. I am really picky about who I play with and not for sure if I could live it 24/7. I love the rush of expectation of playing with some one new but the Dom that can make my heart beat fast with just a look and can keep me on my toes andkeeps the rush of life going wins hands down every time.

To me it's all about passion. Anyone can have sex. Some people are even good at it and some not but you mix good sex with great passion and top it off with a little kink now that's addictive. It makes you think about that person all the time it makes your juices flow and your heart beat fast. It's like falling in love but more powerful.



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