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Shy at first, but please say hi and we'll talk about anything and everything. I'm really sorry if I don't respond immediately, I'm probably studying!

About me

Into the softer side of domination; delicate words, rough hands. I'll still beat you, make you crawl, and edge you relentlessly, but I'll call you a good little slave and stroke your hair while I do it. Unless you've been really bad.

I'm slightly physically sadistic, but not emotionally. It kills me to tear someone apart verbally, or make them feel like a waste of space. Instead, I feed off affection and devotion. The way someone on their knees looks up at me with loving eyes, watching them pine for me as I tease them, seeing how much they can take for me.

Cuddles and kisses make me melt while kindness and intelligence are my biggest turn ons. I also love being shown submission through sweet gestures: remembering my favourite ice-cream (it's vanilla, ironically), sitting at my feet while I'm occupied with something else, running me a bath and snuggling up between my legs.

Outside of this I'm super into the brain (memory, plasticity, everything about it), the human body, attempting art, keeping fit, good food, and pretty literature.



Lifestyle, Bondage, Blindfold, Needleplay, Handcuff, Lashes, Role play, Spanking / Flagellatio, Master / Slave
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