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I'm a super control freak in my everyday life but when I get home I like to be put in my place. I'm looking for new adventures and fun. I'm looking to be a true submissive and learn new things.

About me

Let's get down to the brass tacks of things...
-If your looking for a quick lay.. not your girl
-If you think that d/s looks fun, sounds fun, read it in a book or watched it on a movie... not your girl
-if you think spanking a girl while fucking doggy style is kinky... not your girl
- if you just purchased or thinks fuzzy handcuffs are fun... not your girl
- if you think rough hand jobs are enough.. don't waste my time
- if your here because you wife won't let you pull her hair... not your girl
- if you joined this site as a dating website... this is not tender ... not your girl

On the other hand:
- if you like your cock teased to insanity without being able to cum... I'm your girl
- if you like your balls spanked, pulled or tied up... I'm your girl
- if you like holding a girl so she can't move as you wreak her body... Yes please
- if you enjoy nipple torture as much as I do... please see photos of my fantastic ones below... I'm your girl
- if you enjoy restraining a girl to torture and pleasure her... I will sign up

Moral of this story... please don't waste my time if your not serious. But please please waste my time if you are.



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