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First off I'm a fat girl, if you don't like that then that's your loss so go ahead and get off of my page.

About me

I'm not new to kink but there is still a lot I want to learn and try. I'm not sure what to identify as I tend to like so many things. First and foremost I am submissive but I am not yours so don't dare try to treat me like it. There are other sides of me that I am interested in letting out more and learn more about.

I would love to meet new people, but you need to know that I do not give my phone number out to just anyone and yes I have skype but I'm not just going to give it to anyone. Respect me and my boundaries and we'll get along just fine.



Bondage, Oral Sex (recieve), Role play, Humiliation, Fisting, Master / Slave, Hair manipulation
Partner can be

Male, Female, Couple(MF), Couple(FF)

Why am I here

Virtual fantasies, Search one-night stands, Interested

Financial support

Not required, but will not reject