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The universe is infinite and there are countless galaxies in it. Each of them is inimitable. Although some of them may have something in common, they are unique of their own kind.

Kinky Galaxy is a virtual Galaxy where a guest will find new worlds to explore.

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Kinky Galaxy is a unique BDSM-community for those, who seek new feelings in relationships, work, and other aspects of life. Kinky Galaxy is a social media service oriented toward people familiar with BDSM life. It is a platform that has taken various technologies from social networks and adapted them for your comfort.

There are private and main chats for convenient communication and feed that will let you know about interesting news from your friends’ sexual lives. We make sure the relationship of two people stays their secret, if they want to.

Our site creates original symbiosis of bdsm dating service, blog, and kinky photo galleries. You will find manuals, sex dates, friendly community and, of course, much entertainment here. It is a whole new world for BDSM-fans, where you may share your lifestyle with people like you.

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Our search engine algorithms will let you choose the best BDSM couple to satisfy both your sexual and spiritual needs. It is hard to find relationship with a person that will share similar lifestyle as you do. Our friendly community will help you to find the love of your life.

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F, 31 years




Looking for couple next WE!


F, 29 years

United States,



Looking for submale. Spanking, ropeplay. Probably strap.


F, 29 years

United States,



Looking for rope Mistress.


M, 53 years

United States,



Party at September, 30. LA. PM for more info.

BDSM forum

Forum for communication ob BDSM topics, finding partners, and practice discussion. Besides the topics related with BDSM You can speak about anything and find a partner or a friend.

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Tubaska , 29 F 331


Here We speak about everything


Princessgirl87 , 31 F 73


I'm in a frisky mood, so i decided to stir things up a bit :) ready girls?.... How do you feel about receiving oral sex? As a submissive I mean.. Most women I know find oral to be the penultimate sk...


Tubaska , 29 F 140

Sub dom relationship

When you are in subspace how long does it usually last? Do you ever do something strange or silly (make Master shake his head at you lol)? If so what is your story, i would love to hear from you.


Tubaska , 29 F 11

BDSM Limits

What Makes a Limit a Limit? So reading some of the recent posts here brought to mind how my limits list has changed over the years. My first one had three levels: 1 Generally ok 2 Only with YOU Sir...